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    General League Rules Empty General League Rules

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    General League Rules

    The Total Sim Football League is designed to provide a pure football simulation experience for all members of the league. To achieve this goal, every member is expected to read, understand and follow all league rules at all times.

    This is a league for mature football fans. This is a simulation football league, not a Madden league. Some of these rules may seem extreme, but they are designed to provide the best football experience available. They are not to be disputed.

    This is not a pick up and play league! You will be expected to participate and be active not only in playing your games, but also team management and forum talk. In the TSFL, managing your team properly is just as important as your gameplay.

    Please note that these rules are written for a purpose. Administration will enforce these rules in a strict manner. As the league admin, my main focus is to provide a fun, sim atmosphere for all members. I don't want to be a Roger Goodell, but will be firm with all punishments that need to be handed out. Do not take them personally.

    Due to various unknowns involving Madden 2013, these rules will be monitored and subject to change between now and the start of league play. Be sure to know the updated rules when play starts.

    Most importantly, have fun! At the end of the day, that's what this is all about.


    Game Skill Level: All-Pro
    Gameplay Speed: Slow
    Quarter Length: 12 Minutes (7 until patched)
    Accelerated Clock: 15 Seconds (off until patched)
    Sliders: TBD


    The league will advance on a three games per week basis. Advance times will be at 11:59 p.m. est on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Tryout Game

    Every member of the league will be forced to play a minimum of one screen game before acceptance into the league. This game is to provide insight as to whether or not you will be a good fit for the league. Games can be played on Madden 12 or Madden 13.

    Gameplay is only one aspect of being a part of a league. You will also be asked different questions about how you plan on managing your team. This is a sim experience. If we do not feel your management skills are sim or up to par with what the TSFL is looking for, you will not be accepted.

    The one thing that has been learned over years of online league play, is that the most important part is a solid group of 32 guys with a similar goal. One bad apple can ruin everything, so we make sure that only members that improve the quality of the league will be allowed to join.

    Game Scheduling

    There will be provided threads for you to schedule your games weekly. There will be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to scheduling games. I will not babysit. You are required to post in these threads to contact your opponent. You are also expected to take other means to contact them (XBL, PM, Texting, etc.)

    You are expected to be mature adults in this aspect of the league. If you are unable to be active in scheduling, you will be removed. I will not deal with the stress of hunting people down. There will be plenty of people happy to take your place that will be active.

    Missing Games

    There will be times that missing games is unavoidable. That is understandable. We all have lives outside of gaming.

    If you are going to miss a game, please contact both administration and your opponent. At this time you will be expected to leave the league on the game so your opponent can play against a computer opponent. With the addition of sliders in this years addition of the game, challenging computer AI will be set up to provide good games against computer opponents.

    If you do play against a computer opponent, all gameplay rules and league etiquette still apply. You will be penalized for suspect play against the computer, just as you would against a human opponent.


    Disconnects happen. However, they should happen very rarely. If a disconnect happens, we expect members to attempt to solve the issue in a mature fashion among one another. Often times, this means a restart. It could also mean a user finishing the game against the computer or restarting against the computer.

    If a disconnect does occur, a message does need to be sent to administration explaining the restart.

    If we begin to notice a trend with members continually having issues with disconnects it will be addressed.

    Quitting from games is completely unacceptable. If a member is found to have quit from a game, disciplinary actions will be taken. This could mean expulsion from the league. We have high integrity at the TSFL. Actions like this will not be tolerated.


    Unfortunately, disconnects are broken in this game. If a disconnect occurs, Madden automatically gives the win to the opponent despite the score.

    If a disconnect occurs, the remaining player will be faced with a screen that says "end game". DO NOT press anything. At this time, you will be required to dashboard or turn off your system.

    At that time, you can replay your game against the user. If the user does not wish to replay, the game can be played against the CPU or simmed.

    This is a mature sim league. Everybody has integrity here. If you are found to be disconnecting on purpose for any reason, you will be removed from the league.

    Any time a disconnect occurs, an admin must be notified via PM on the forums. We will keep track of this. If we notice any patterns, action will be taken.


    I cannot stress enough how important participation is here at the TSFL. If you join, you are expected to be active in every aspect of the league.

    A league is only as good as the community makes it.


    You are not required to use a mic when playing your games. This is entirely up the the individuals playing.

    However, it is strongly urged to have one sitting close by in case an issue needs to be discussed with your opponent. It's much easier to plug in a mic than send messages back and forth over Xbox Live.

    Trash Talk

    We are all adults here. Trash talking is all good as long as it is kept in check. We are here to have fun. Rivalries make it more fun. Just don't go overboard.

    Violation of Rules

    All violations are to be reported to administration immediately. Under no circumstance are members allowed to discuss violations or disputes on the forums. This is a serious offense.

    If you believe a rule was broken, send a PM to an admin and we will decide if a violation occurred. Proof is required. If a player breaks a gameplay rule, send the video. It's hard to take action when there is no proof of a violation.

    Punishments for rule violations can range from player suspensions to expulsion from the league. The severity of the punishment will be decided upon based on prior offenses and the severity of the offense.

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