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    Gameplay Rules

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    Gameplay Rules

    The sim experience is broken into two categories. How you compete both on and off the field is extremely important in the TSFL.

    Here we will focus on rules in terms of gameplay. Some of these rules may be new to people in the community, but must be followed at all times.

    Although it may seem like a lot of restrictions, it really isn't. You will notice a trend throughout this section. Like you see on Sunday. Just play the game the way you see it on Sunday and there should be no issues.


    This is the most important rule in terms of gameplay in the TSFL. One of the biggest issues with Madden over the years is the locomotion and issues with change of direction. On offense, it is extremely easy to make hard cuts with the left stick to gain a huge advantage over your opponent.

    This will not be allowed in this league. If you plan on making a cut to the left or the right you must do so using the right analog stick or a move with the buttons (spin move).

    The only time cutting with the left stick is allowed is when you are behind the line of scrimmage. If you hand the ball off and are looking for a gap in the offensive line, you can hit that gap moving your character with the left stick. After that, all change of direction moves must be made using the right stick.

    This rule also applies on kickoff returns and punt returns. There is to be no use of the left stick to advance past defenders or change angles so defenders pursuit angles mess up and they cannot catch you.

    Here is an example of left stick moves that are restricted and exactly why it is not allowed. This user was able to run back and forth around and entire team using just the left stick.

    Here is an example of how plays should always look in TSFL. The player hands the ball off and takes it around the tackle. Then, to get by a defender they use a right stick juke rather than using the left stick to pass the defender.

    No Switch

    The no switch rule is always one of the most heavily debated rules in terms of sim gameplay. Although it is not essential for a sim experience, in the TSFL we believe that it does add an element of realism to play.

    The no switch rules states that when the ball passed and in the air, the offensive and defensive user is not permitted to switch players to user catch.

    A defensive player may user catch the ball, as long as they were playing as that player prior to the ball being thrown. An example would be a user playing free safety and jumping a route. Once the ball is thrown, changing players until the ball is caught is not allowed.

    Once the ball is caught, the defensive user it then allowed to change players. Switching players is also allowed on run plays.

    This rule adds a strong emphasis on play calling. We are here to play football, not a video game. The winner should triumph due to superior play calling and knowledge as a football player, not because they are really good at pressing buttons and making manual catches.

    Nano Blitzing

    There is absolutely no nano blitzing allowed. There is no explanation needed here. This is not sim gameplay. If you do it, you will be kicked from the league. There will be other rules in place that should stop this from happening even accidentally.

    Quick Snapping

    After selecting a play, the offensive user is required to allow the defensive personnel adequate time to make adjustments. This is a sportsmanship rule.

    In real life, Peyton Manning may walk up to the line and snap the ball immediately if he sees the defense isn't set. This will not be allowed in TSFL. In real life each person is responsible for themselves. In Madden, a user must make changes for 11 different players. This is a situation where real life cannot be replicated.

    Allow your opponent roughly five seconds after getting to the line to make defensive adjustments. Do not snap the ball if they are in the middle of making adjustments. If you make an offensive adjustment, allow a reasonable amount of time for the defense to adjust as well.

    The only time this is not a requirement is if you are in hurry up mode towards the end of the game or in a no huddle situation.


    Motion is allowed. However, you cannot snap the ball when a player in motion is behind the offensive line or tight ends.

    A player in motion must come to a complete stop and be back in their stance before snapping the ball.

    The only exception is for plays that are designed with auto-motion.

    Pre-Snap Movement

    You are permitted to manually change the position of one defensive player pre-snap. If you do change the position of a player manually, you are required to remain in control of that player once the ball is snapped.

    When manually moving a player, keep in mind the nano blitz rule. Do not put yourself in a position to manipulate the game and nano blitz. Even if done accidentally, action will be taken. Be mindful when moving your player.

    All other pre-snap movement must be done using the pre-snap adjustments. Examples are hot routes, pressing corners, shading receivers, pinching the defensive line, etc.

    Position Changes / Depth Chart

    All players must play in their designated position unless otherwise noted below.

    RB: May play as #4 or #5 WR
    TE: May play as #4 or #5 WR
    OL: May play any OL position
    LB: May play any LB position
    S: May play any S position
    DE: May play OLB in 3-4 scheme only

    All other movement of players is not allowed. This is subject to change with the release of Madden 13 in order to restrict abusing AI.

    Play Calling

    This rule is pretty self explanatory. Make sure you mix up your play calling.

    Teams that are extremely pass happy in real life still typically have a pass/run ratio of 60/40. Teams that are very run dependent still have a pass/run ratio of at least 40/60.

    Your ratios do not have to be perfect, but you must be realistic. Mix up your play calling.

    Same rules apply for defense. You shouldn't come out playing a Cover-2 Under every single play. You also shouldn't blitz every single play.

    Call your plays like a coach would on Sundays. That's all that we ask.

    QB Sneak / FB Dive

    The QB Sneak and FB Dive plays are not banned. However, you may only use them a total of one time per game.

    That is one QB Sneak or one FB Dive. Not one of each.


    All playbooks will be decided upon before the start of the season. There will be another thread that list all playbooks being used by every team.

    There will be a limit of each playbook being allowed just two times. That means two teams can use the Eagles offense, two teams can use the Patriots offense, two teams can use the Ravens defense, etc.

    This rule is in place so there is a strong variety of playbooks in the league. We don't want 16 teams using the Jets defensive playbook.

    Every team will have the initial option of using their own teams playbook. If they choose to do so, that will count as one of the two allowed. We will dictate the order of choosing playbooks at a later date.

    Once playbooks are decided upon, you are required to use those playbooks the entire season. Zero exceptions will be allowed.

    There will be no limit on the default playbooks. Any amount of teams can use the West Coast Offense, 3-4 Default, 4-3 Default, etc.

    The Multiple Defensive playbook is banned.

    4th Down

    Creating rules for 4th down play calling is tricky, because everybody sees the situation differently. However, it's because of this very open view of the situation, that these rules must be followed very close. It's the only way to resolve the problem.

    When you are permitted to go for it on 4th down:
    - In the "gray area" with less than 2 yards to go. The "gray area" is defined as anywhere from the 30-40 yard line.
    - Anywhere past your opponents 40 yard line in a 4th and inches situation.
    - Anywhere on the field when you are trailing by 7 points or more with under 3 minutes remaining.
    - Anywhere on the field when you are trailing by 14 points or more with under 6 minutes remaining.

    QB Movement

    This is another touchy subject for most sim gamers. Be smart about your movement and running with the quarterback. We will not put a "cap" on running with a quarterback. What makes dual threat quarterbacks a nuisance is that ability to run. What's the point of having Cam Newton if the defense doesn't have to defend against that ability.

    In real life teams are forced to spy Mike Vick, Robert Griffin, Tim Tebow, Cam Newton and other quarterbacks that have the ability to run. You need to take this into account when formulating your defensive gameplan.

    Do it in a realistic manner. Do not snap the ball and immediately roll out to the sidelines. That will not be tolerated. Do it like you see on Sundays. Escape the pressure and find breakdowns in the line.

    Dropbacks are another part of quarterback movement. Your dropback should never exceed 10 yards. You should never be running backwards with your quarterback (I don't care that Tim Tebow ran 25 yards backwards against the Patriots).

    Onside Kicks

    Onside kicks are permitted only when:
    - 5 minutes or less in 4th quarter when trailing by 10 or more.
    - 3 minutes or less in 4th quarter when trailing by any amount.

    Running Up the Score / Stat Padding

    Running up the score on either a computer or human opponent is completely unacceptable. This is a league of mature adults, handle yourself as such.

    If you are beating an opponent by a wide margin, run the clock. We will not force you to run the ball every play, but the majority of the time should be spent running out the clock.

    There is no reason to be scoring 40 yard passing touchdowns when you are up 21 points in the 4th quarter. Use your head. Pick up the first down and get down. Run the clock more.

    This will be strictly enforced, especially if the score is ridiculous against a computer opponent.

    Audibles/Hot Routes

    Unfortunately, the accelerated clock is broken for now. Because of this, we need to make rules for hot routes and audibles. Typically, you only have time to make one or two adjustments with the accelerated clock on. Without it, you could make tons.

    That will not be allowed. You are permitted (on offense and defense) to make ONE audible change and ONE hot route adjustment per play. You are also permitted to shift linebackers, show blitz, etc on defense without any limitations. On offense, you are allowed to adjust your blocking as well.

    No Huddle

    You may run the no huddle ONLY in the following situations.

    - 2 minutes or less remaining in the first half.
    - 4 minutes or less remaining in the game when trailing by more than one possession.
    - 3 minutes or less remaining in the game when trailing.

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