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    Team Management Rules Empty Team Management Rules

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    Team Management Rules

    A total simulation experience is the ultimate goal of the TSFL. In order to achieve this goal, off-field realism is just as essential as sim play on the field.

    This isn't a fantasy football league. The core integrity of every team is of vital importance. You won't see Tom Brady getting traded.

    This league is for those who love realistic play on the field and realistic interactions among users in the front office. If you don't know how to manage a team and work your salary cap, this league is not for you.

    Tracking Transactions

    Every single transaction made must be recorded in each team's individual thread.

    If you cut a player, you must post the cut along with salary cap penalties. If you sign a player, you must post the details of the signing. If you make a trade with another user, it must be recorded along with any cap penalties.

    Every move you make in the front office needs to be posted for the record. Failure to do so will result in penalties.

    Signing Free Agents

    Rules will be implemented on the signing of free agents once there is a further understanding of how free agency works in the new game. Hopefully there will be no restrictions required.

    Team Captains

    Each team will have designated team captains for the first few seasons of the league. This is to keep the core integrity of teams. Turnover of owners is likely to happen over the first season or two of the league. If new owners come into the league, they deserve to have the key players from their franchise on the roster.

    Players who are team captains cannot be traded as long as they remain captains. They also cannot be released. The only time a team captain is allowed to depart from a team is if their contract expires and you choose not to re-sign them.

    You will have four offensive captains and four defenses captains. Three will be captains for four years and the final one for two years.

    Administration will choose these captains for you. Prior to the start of the league, we will allow owners to request changes to their captains. However, these changes are subject to approval.

    For example, the Philadelphia Eagles have the following offensive captains.

    LeSean McCoy - 4 years
    DeSean Jackson - 4 years
    Michael Vick - 4 years
    Jason Peters - 2 years

    If the Eagles owner requests to change captains from DeSean Jackson to Jeremy Maclin, the request will likely be approved. If the owner would like to change Vick to a 2 year captain and Peters to a 4 year captain, it would likely be approved.

    However, a request to remove LeSean McCoy as a captain for Brent Celek will not be approved. The purpose for team captains is to keep stars on the roster for the first few seasons.

    All captains will be announced by administration at a later date.


    All trades must be approved by league administration before they are processed.

    Every owner is permitted to make a total of one trade during the season (prior to trade deadline of week 6) and one trade during the offseason.

    The total amount of players allowed to be traded per season is 3. A draft pick counts as a player.

    Players under the age of 30 with an overall greater than 90 cannot be traded. If a player has an overall higher than 90 and is 30 years old or more, they can be traded.

    Rookies cannot be traded.

    All trades must be calculated using the below trading calculator. Each player and draft pick will have a numerical value based on their value. After the numerical values are totaled, the final range between the value of the trading teams must be 1.5 or less.

    If the proposed trade meets the requirements above and is approved by administration, it can then be processed on the game.

    Please note that the current trade calculator is still being adjusted and likely will change prior to the start of the season.

    Trade Calculator

    95-100: 14 points
    90-94: 12 points
    85-89: 10 points
    80-84: 8 points
    75-79: 6 points
    70-74: 4 points
    65-69: 3 points
    60-64: 2 points
    0-59: 1 point

    22-: 8 points
    23: 7 points
    24: 6 points
    25: 5 points
    26: 4 points
    27: 3 points
    28: 2 points
    29: 1 point
    30: 0 points
    31: 0 points
    32: -1 point
    33: -1 point
    34+: -2 points

    Draft Picks
    (If pick is known)
    1st Pick: 17 points
    2-5 Pick: 15 points
    6-10 Pick: 13 points
    11-20 Pick: 11 points
    21-32 Pick: 9 points
    (If pick is unknown)
    1st Round: 12 points
    2nd Round: 8 points
    3rd Round: 5 points
    4th Round: 3 points
    5th Round: 1 point
    6th Round: Can Not Trade
    7th Round: Can Not Trade

    Minimum Roster Requirements

    All teams are required to carry a minimum amount of 53 players on their roster at all times during the regular season.

    During the offseason this amount will fluctuate with player movement. Be sure to be carrying the minimum of 53 players prior to the start of each season.

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